Barlast interviewed and reviewed by Overblown. [15.5.2017]
"Their debut album, Ihantola, is a joy, taking the listener on a journey of unexpected peaks and valleys of experimental and exploratory music."

Barlast reviewed in German by Global Music. [5.10.2017]
"We like Ihantola very much. Even after several listens we discovered new facets that we hadn't noticed before and new details came to light. Barlast offers unusual music, but it is by no means hard to listen to." gives 4/5 stars to the Ihantola record. [9.4.2017]
"I very much admire Barlast's pursuit of simplicity and naturally breathing surfaces."

Neon Filler picks Barlast as one of the highlights in Tallinn Music Week. [21.4.2017]
"In parts it felt like we were at a grand 18th century dance in keeping with the setting. In others such as song Cs-137 we descended to a much darker place more in keeping with a Scorsese thriller."

Thoralf Koß from gives the score 12/15 to the Ihantola album. [8.6.2017]
"Harmony and cacophony play together in Barlast's musical sandpit."