"Proportionality in harmony and disharmony, density and scarcity, loudness and silence is the key to the alchemy of Barlast’s sound." - Balazs Weyer / Finnish Music Quarterly "The Finnish quartet’s new album Musik för scener is a spectral wonder." - Bill Brownlee / There stands the glass

Photo by Ruusa Johansson.

Barlast is a playful laboratory of musical communication and expression. The Finnish ensemble's music is a blend of Nordic folk music, contemporary music, jazz and art rock, made possible only by the diverse backgrounds of the band members:

When not performing with Barlast, band leader and double bass player Philip Holm makes experimental music on old machines turned into instruments. Percussionist and flautist Minna Koskenlahti has studied the connections between boxing and drumming and is an in-demand musician in both traditional and avantgarde music projects. Woodwind player Santte Salonen composes musical fantasies and orchestral pieces and leads their party metal folk band Ritva Nero. Guitar wizard Heikki Hänninen leads the Americana band Buko Shane and his deep love for American music in its many forms brings in influences of anything from Eric Dolphy to Townes van Zandt and Frank Zappa to Swans.

The result is a sum greater than its parts. Barlast's music has been described as a spectral wonder - a fusion that might sound difficult on paper but in fact is easy and captivating to listen to.

Since its foundation in 2016, Barlast has released four albums and performed in clubs, festivals and showcase festivals around Europe and Japan. Currently the group is working on training AI algorithms to imitate traditional Finnish-Swedish singing and herding calls. The automatically generated vocals are incorporated in their new music.

Philip Holm - double bass
Heikki Hänninen - guitars
Minna Koskenlahti - percussion and flutes
Santte Salonen - woodwinds

Philip Holm. Photo by Balint Hrotko, BMC.
Minna Koskenlahti. Photo by Balint Hrotko, BMC.
Santte Salonen. Photo by Balint Hrotko, BMC.
Heikki Hänninen. Photo by Balint Hrotko, BMC.